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If you are filling an embankment or excavating a site, you will need a tailored retaining wall solution to prevent soil from drifting down, eroding or collapsing.

Retaining walls are structural features that hold up ground and protect the structural integrity and stability of a building. There are various types of retaining walls and a range of different methods and materials available to ensure the ground can hold up. To ensure the longevity of your property, a strong and suitable retaining wall solution is critical. At Intercorp Developments, our experienced team will determine the best materials to utilise for your property based on your needs, the surrounding environment, and local council building regulations.

No matter the complexity of the project, our engineering team will design a retaining wall solution to ensure you have a functional, durable and aesthetic final product. We utilise proven methods with the latest products and technologies to deliver retaining wall solutions that last. From rendering and drainage to waterproofing and bricklaying, the Intercorp Developments team offer a comprehensive service, taking care of the project from conception to completion.

Whether it is a terraced garden or a basement, we understand the design, installation, and maintenance required for the longevity of retaining walls. If you want to ensure your retaining wall can combat pressure and stand the test of time, contact us for a quote today.