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Whether your property is residential, commercial or industrial, water ingress can lead to a host of issues.

Water ingress occurs when outside water makes its way into your property’s interior. Water ingress can cause a range of issues from dampness to wall damage, and it is best to treat these complications as soon as possible. There are several sources of water ingress, one of them being planter boxes. If the membrane of your planter box is not sealed properly, it can leak and cause water damage to the surrounding area.

At Intercorp Developments we offer a comprehensive and efficient planter box repair service. Our experienced team will carefully remove the plants and soil within the planter box before cleaning out and inspecting the surfaces for any damage. If the planter box surfaces show no signs of cracking, our team will seal the planter box with a waterproof membrane and test it to ensure it’s sealed properly. Once it has been repaired, we will replant any soil and plants, before investigating and repairing any damage the water leaks has caused. No stone will be left unturned to protect and preserve your property from moisture damage.

All of our remedial services at Intercorp Developments are conducted to help extend the life of your building and increase its value. Have peace of mind knowing our team will complete your repairs on time and within budget. If your planter boxes are leaking water, prevent further damage to your property by contacting us today.