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Concrete spalling/concrete cancer is a severe concern. If left untreated the problem can increase exponentially, compromising the structural integrity of a building and resulting in the need for extensive and costly remedial repairs.

Concrete palling occurs when the steel reinforcement used inside the concrete during construction is exposed to the elements, specifically air and water, causing corrosion. This then causes the steel to expand and displace the surrounding concrete. There are many contributing factors including waterproof failure, close proximity to salt water, poor concrete quality, weather and ground movement.

It is often necessary to work with experienced structural engineers to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the concrete’s condition. There are a range of repair options available depending on the extent and severity of damage which must be thoroughly investigated before identifying the correct remediation action.

Once the structural integrity of the building is determined, preventative corrosion protection is implemented and corrective methods and technologies allow for the slab to be reinforced and repaired.

Our team will identify, develop and implement the appropriate and enduring repair strategy for each individual situation.

Early detection is paramount, therefore signs of concrete spalling must be promptly reported and investigated. Diagnosis is essential to prevent further deterioration and complete precise rectification work.

The following signs can be indications of Concrete Spalling:

  • rust or calcium stains
  • cracked/crumbling concrete
  • concrete expansion
  • bubbling
  • drummy concrete