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Arches and lintels serve as both decorative and structural elements of a building. When they have been exposed to the elements for a long period of time, they begin to deteriorate. Any crumbling or cracking on arches or lintels affects a property’s aesthetic value and more importantly, jeopardises its structural integrity. If your property’s arches or lintels are showing signs of corrosion, it is critical to address them as soon as possible to avoid any serious implications and prevent further damage.

At Intercorp Developments we cease and rectify arch and lintel breakages with a comprehensive repair service. Firstly, our engineers will investigate the source of the lintel and arch damage to provide a custom solution and prevent further wear and tear to your property. All of our arch and lintel repairs are tailored to the diagnosis our engineers provide, however, we always take care to remove and replace any worn or corroded materials whilst ensuring the surrounding brickwork is preserved.

To minimise any inconvenience this remedial work could cause to residents, we explore the least disruptive and most efficient way to attend to your repairs. While we understand the pressing natures of these repairs, no corners will be cut when it comes to preserving your building. We want to ensure your property continues to work for you well into the future.

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