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Experienced and Professional

Intercorp Developments was established for the building sector to CONSTRUCT, PRESERVE, MAINTAIN and IMPROVE
residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the Sydney market.

Intercorp Developments is the advancement of 2 generations and 45 years experience in the construction industry.

Having a long history in property development we understand the necessity for the high quality construction and longevity of your investment. Regular and preventative maintenance ensures that your financial assets are protected.

Intercorp Developments carries out every project with professionalism and integrity. We ensure that our projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We are proud that our respected reputation in the industry has led to a majority of our work being derived from the referral of grateful clients. This has been achievable due to a consistent and solid work ethic and long term relationships with quality and professional tradespeople.

Our Team

John Younan


John Younan, Founder and Director, began his career in Architecture. Mastering the skills needed to design and plan each development in this early phase has been paramount in the success of his ventures.

Expanding on his knowledge in Architecture, John began Quantity Estimating and Project Management in 2008. His gained skills and knowledge across the industry make him exceptional at delivering realistic budgets and time frames to ensure viable projects.

The progression and success of John’s career has allowed him to realise his ambition as a Builder and Private Developer.